Complex project and engineering activity

Preliminary, preprocessing documentation

  • Buildings lucubration and technology
  • Volume and space lucubration of objects
  • Indoor study
  • Technical and economic study

Project documentation - all kinds of new buildings, reconstructions and modernization

  • Project documentation for local planning permit
  • Project documentation for building permit
  • Project documentation content within needful for building realization

Fact documentation

  • To devise fact of objects as foundation for reconstruction and modernization
  • To devise documentation of actual building realization
  • To devise simplify documentation of actual building realization (passport of buildings)

Another documentation

  • Supply documentation of concrete structures
  • Workshop documentation of steel structures
  • Further duties, works and activities, according to employer requirements
  • To devise account assessment and budget of buildings
  • To devise technical and expert's opinion of real properties

Complex engineering activity

  • To guarantee local planning permit - advance the project with competent organizations
  • To guarantee building permission - advance the project with competent organizations
  • Preparation basic documents for Contractor selection and co-operation with investor at quotation evaluation
  • Conclusion contracts for building realization
  • Technical supervision of investor, building supervision, author's designer supervision
  • Photo documentation evaluation during building
  • Work coordination and equipment delivery
  • To ensure collaudation decision eventually permission for premature of temporary operation (usage) of building
  • Co-operation with investor by assert requirements implicit from collaudation process
  • Organization guarantee investor duties by individual and complex delivery test and interest on this tests
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